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30th of November Workshop Bridging R&D and IP with AI

Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France


Innovation is a key element to future growth for startups as well as large corporates. The digitalization of workflows and introduction of AI enables new opportunities. One obvious goal is to boost and also increase the quality of R&D work. 

Join an inspiring networking seminar to learn from real life examples on possibilities and learnings using AI to bridge the gap to innovation success. 

Linus Wretblad, CEO & Innovation advisor will animate the workshop. 

Event organised by the CCSF and IP Screener.

Venue: Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France, 39 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, Paris 8ème

About IP Screener: IPscreener is a tool for AI based prior art searches enabling anyone to explore the goldmine of knowledge hidden in patents. With IPscreener anyone may validate their ideas in the innovation process. A plain text input is enough for the semantic AI platform to automatically present a dashboard of the prior art situation, with relevant patent documents and technology trends on risks & opportunities. This helps to identify the ideas with business value and avoid investing valuable efforts in "reinventing the wheel". 


30 novembre 2022 18:00 à 20:00


CCSF, 39 ave Pierre Ier de Serbie, 75008, Paris France


Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France