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European Champions Alliance
European Champions Alliance


The European Champions Alliance (ECA) is a not-for-profit initiative by a group of passionate entrepreneurs and business development experts who support European Tech and values and promote European Tech Leadership. All memberships are valid for one year, starting at the date of the payment of the membership and include a voting right.
Our strategic goals:
  • The fundamental reason why we want to help scale-ups is that at present European scale-ups don’t use the full potential of the European Single Market. The alliance mobilizes resources of its ecosystem to overcome the growth hurdles.
  • At the European Champions Alliance, we want to create awareness and aim to influence the mindset of decision-makers to encourage scale-ups in hyper-growth mode to stay headquartered in Europe through European funding.
  • The ECA builds cross-border bridges between scale-ups, SMEs, corporates, institutions, academia, and the supporters of the tech ecosystem in Europe to harness the power of smart collaboration and support the growth of European digital champions.
  • We unite industry experts and business professionals to leverage smart collaboration across European markets. We support best practice exchange by creating networking opportunities open to all members of the European Champions Alliance.  
  • The ECA provides hands-on strategic and operational support through a pan-European network of service providers in international business development, sales, marketing, recruitment, governance and operational growth.

Please select your membership category below. If you prefer receiving an invoice and pay your membership by bank transfer, please send a message to: and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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European Champions Alliance


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