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Brazilian Market

Cinquieme Sens



Isabelle Ferrand and Alessandra Tucci (partner of Cinquieme Sens in Brazil) have the pleasure to invite you to this presentation (in english), on Thursday, May 12th at 9:30 am


  • Perfumery Market : quantitative and qualitative overview
  • Consumer insight : Fragrance category perception in Brazil
  • Cultural context : Brazilian Market history
  • Brazilian consumers : Olfactive preferences
  • Today's market dynamics, recent changes and challenges
  • What the future brings ?




12 mai 2022 09:00 à 11:00


Cinquieme Sens, 18 Rue de Monttessuy, 75007, PARIS France



Alessandra Tucci

Olfactive evaluator, administrator and fragrance sales and marketing professional. With more than 20 years developing perfumery projects in traditional companies in the sector, I held management positions for Latin America. My restless and curious personality led me to seek out new experiences and professional models where I could inspire and provoke more, outside but still close to the industry.

So, in 2012, I founded the Paralela Escola Olfativa, which is an exclusive partner of the French perfumery school - Cinquième Sens in Brazil. Since then, more than 1200 students have studied at the school and more than 300 thousand professionals who sell perfumes have been impacted in Brazil through our corporate trainings. With a portfolio of clients such as Natura, Avon O Boticário, Microsoft, we developed our own methodology to create training for perfume sales teams, as well as tailor-made training and experiences for fragrance companies and their customers and for different segment companies. All these achievements, based on my passion for perfumery and confidence in the potential of the Brazilian market.