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Cheburashka Bern 18.02 Quinnie cineMovie1

Quinnie Cinema Bern
Swiss Partnership SP


Private event.

Please, pay attention that rows are numbered in the opposite direction - from backwall to screen. Check the plan,
ВНИМАНИЕ! Ряды пронумерованы в обратном порядке - от стены к экрану! Ряд 1 находится сзади, ряд 16 - прямо перед экраном. См. схему! Это особенность нумерации кинотеатра.

 The protagonist of the film, the legendary Cheburashka, is a character from the puppet cartoon of the 70s, on which many generations have grown up. This largely predetermined the success of the film, which became a blockbuster in January 2023.




18 Feb 2023, 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Quinnie Cinema Bern, Seilerstrasse 4 , 3011, Bern Switzerland


Swiss Partnership SP