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Workshop : Female Balance Workshop avec Lisa Mueller

Le Consulat


In this workshop you will learn all about a holistic female-centered approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle!

Did you know you have 4 phases during your monthly cycle and that each phase requires different nutrients, training and reflecting times?


We will cover the main reasons for PMS Symptoms and how you can implement certain tools and foods into your life in order to support your body during this period but most important - how you can connect with your body and actively bring yourself back into a space of trust and purpose when things seem to slip away and get (emotionally) messy. We will analyse every phase of the cycle and highlight the most important rituals during each phase but also which habits to let go of temporarily so your hormones can regulate themselves more naturally and in harmony with your true nature.


You will learn some simple food hacks for your daily ilfe and you will also get to try the “Female Balance Elixir”.

For the brunch we will serve meals that are made with healing and hormone balancing ingredients that represent and highlight every individual phase of the cycle.

You should feel empowered around your food choices and be optimally prepared when you don't have time or sugar cravings are kicking in.

With knowledge comes responsibility and the more we learn about our unique and female bodies the more we can align ourselves with your true purpose and inner strength.

- Lisa Mueller - 


Lisa, originally from Austria, has always had a passion and interest in holistic health studies, cooking, nutrition and sports. Her background as a dancer has a big influence on the way she is creating recipes and preparing food for herself and clients. Lisa has been a professional chef for over 15 years, was running her own restaurant in Berlin and was living / working in New York, Melbourne, Bali, Vienna, London, Cornwall and France. She is working and collaborating with different lifestyle, fashion and sports brands, mainly focusing on the education around nutrition for women which she is sharing at various yoga, surf, athletics and women focused events / retreats. She also has her own Matcha Tea & Female Balance Product line and she is based in the South West of France!




31 juillet 2022 11:30 à 12:30


Le Consulat, 14 avenue Parmentier, 75011, Paris France