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From Harvard to Europe Dispute Resolution Trainings English version



David A. Hoffman, Harvard Lecturer, Collaborative Lawyer, arbitrator and mediator, gives us this chapter on fundamental knowledge of Dispute Resolution

on a special date, combining the three themes in one afternoon, on the 20th of November !

Psychology of Conflict Resolution :Managing Emotions and our own Internal Negotiations
              Principled, interest-based negotiation (as taught in the seminal book “Getting to Yes”) works well when the parties are negotiating rationally, sharing information about their goals and interests, and seeking opportunities for joint gains.  But what if the parties are overwhelmed by emotion and not thinking clearly?  Modern psychology provides useful tools for understanding the emotional element of negotiations.  David Hoffman will provide an overview of the techniques that can be used in mediation, negotiation, and Collaborative Law to manage the parties’ emotions and our own.

Impartiality and the Management of Unconscious Bias
              Judges, arbitrators, and mediators are required to be impartial.  And yet research in social psychology establishes that we are all influenced by unconscious biases related to race, gender, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, and many other factors. David Hoffman will present the science behind not only the measurement of unconscious bias, as well as proven techniques for reducing such biases.

 Impasse-Breaking Strategies in Negotiation and Mediation
    David Hoffman will present 25 techniques that negotiators and mediators can use for breaking impasses – ranging from risk analysis and neutral experts to range-bargaining, earnouts, and non-binding arbitration.  In developing this list of strategies, David draws on 38 years of law and dispute resolution practice in family, business, employment, and other types of cases.  This will be an interactive program, and participants will be invited to share impasse-breaking techniques that they have used.      



Du 3 octobre 2023 14:00Au 20 novembre 2023 14:00


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