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Ivy Plus European Leaders (IPEL) Membership Registration 2024

Du 9 novembre 2023 16:00
Au 9 novembre 2024 23:00
Paris, 75016, Paris France
Ivy Plus European Leaders


Ivy Plus European Leaders


Ivy Plus European Leaders (IPEL) is a legally registered Association under the French law "Loi de 1901".  Your membership fees and your donations are tax deductible. 

Ivy Plus European Leaders is a think tank of alumni from leading US and European Universities.

Ivy Plus European Leaders (IPEL) seeks to foster the intellectual bond between fellow alumni across Europe with innovative and challenging events. We welcome alumni of leading universities and top Schools in the US, Canada and Europe. 

IPEL's goal is to create a wide synergy of intelligences and energies across borders to address paradigm changes and international challenges shaping society and the world.   

Our aim is to stimulate curiosity, widen awareness of changes in civilization, give keys to understanding the issues facing humanity, and build bridges between disciplines in addressing global issues.  

Our events are designed to provoke original and cutting edge thinking on global issues and put the limelight on current trailblazers and impactors of the future.

You are an alum of a renowned university or school,
you are interested in big ideas,

you wish to learn more about the world you live in and the changes it is undergoing,
you think it is important to hear top minds and stimulating experts across disciplines,
you believe in connecting leading institutions, organizations, enterprises and alumni,
we welcome you as a member of 
Ivy Plus European Leaders 

Why become a dues paying member of IPEL?


To show your appreciation and support our efforts to bring you high level, innovative and inspiring events in outstanding venues and locations. 


To take advantage at Member Price of the numerous interdisciplinary forums featuring high profile speakers.   



To benefit from cut prices on partner organizations events (Harvard Club of France, HEC International Alumni, French-American Foundation, Columbia, ...)


To receive complementary invitations to exclusive cultural and social events (opera, ballet, concert, theatre, exhibitions, conferences and lectures...) 




Among  70+ The  IPEL-SCEL Cutting Edge Forums with world-class speakers over 15 years: 
Tech and The Future of Education
The Impact of Technology on Society and The Individual
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity
The Future of Bio-Innovation, Biomimicry
The Future of Science and Medical Research
The Impact of Computers on Society
The Future of Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy
The Future of Finance and Investment
A World in Metamorphosis: Understanding Paradigm Changes
The Future of Civil Society
The Future of Media and Journalism
The Future of Entrepreneurship
The Future of Relationship between the US and Europe
The Future of the Middle East and US Relations
COP21 Changing the World to Save the World
The Future of Democracy
The Future of Advertising
The Future of Series, Video Games and Media
The Future of Networking and Relationship Building
The Future of Cybersecurity and Cyberwar
Tech, AI, and the Future of Health
Tech, AI and the Future of Communication
The Future of Civilization 
Impacts, Rewards and Risks of Artificial Intelligence 
Among The  IPEL-SCEL Exclusive-Educational Trips: 
All our trips include  exclusive talks and meetings with high profile personalities, privileged visits to landmarks, lunches, cocktails and dinners in iconic venues.
SCEL seminar-cruise across the Aegian - 9 days from Athens to Istanbul with 3 stellar Stanford faculty members
SCEL EU trip - Brussels to meet EU Ambassadors and Heads of Sections at the European Parliament and the European Counsel- Brussels
IPEL trip to the Champagne region
IPEL trip to Tours and the Loire valley 
Ivy Plus European Leaders (IPEL) has grown from Stanford Club of European Leaders (SCEL), founded in 2010. In January 2014, IPEL expanded to encompass prestigious American and European schools and universities.


Ivy Plus European Leaders est une association enregistrée sous La Loi 1901 - Vos cotisations et vos dons sont déductibles de vos impôts.
 Ivy Plus European Leaders is an association registered under the French Law 1901. Your membership fees and donations are tax deductible. 
Votre cotisation est fiscalement déductible à hauteur de 66% de votre impôt sur le revenu dans le cadred’une cotisation individuelle et de 60% de votre impôt sur les sociétés dans le cadre d’une cotisation corporate.

Votre cotisation individuelle de 75€ revient en réalité à 25,50€ net d'impôts.
Your contribution is tax deductible in France up to 66% of your income tax as an individual contributor and 60% of your corporate tax if a corporate contribution.
Your individual contribution €75 actually amounts to €25,50 net of taxes.



Du 9 novembre 2023 16:00
Au 9 novembre 2024 23:00


Paris, 20 rue de l'Assomption, 75016, Paris France


Ivy Plus European Leaders