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Live broadcast French-Swedish Business Summit 4th of December 2023

Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France


Live broadcast French-Swedish Business Summit 4th of December 2023, on the theme "Strategic innovation collaborations for a competitive Europe".





Welcome remarks by HE Håkan Åkesson, Ambassador of Sweden to France


High-Level Keynotes

French Minister (TBC)

Håkan Jevrell - State Secretary for foreign trade and export and investment promotion



Round table panel I

Setting the foundation of competitivness by innovation and collaboration

Historically, Europe was the birthplace of some of the 19th and 20th century’s most extraordinary innovations. Europe is still home to many science-led universities and world leading companies in various industrial sectors. However, globalization, political and societal changes have developed into a strenuous competitive situation for Europe with its democratic values and free trade endeavours. What are the principal European challenges for rebuilding competitivity? What are the strengths and weaknesses for building competitive European industries? What are the French-Swedish synergies for R&D and innovation in Europe? Do we have the necessary innovation and R&D clusters in Europe? How can France and Sweden accelerate European innovation collaborations in strategic fields such as aerospace, mobility, AI, cyber security and energy with examples of best practices and implementation of collaborations.

Moderator: Linda Nyberg


Katarina Björklund, Vice-President - Head of EU & NATO Innovation SAAB

Marc Fontaine - CEO Helsing France

Jacob Stedman - CEO Blykalla

Dan Zethraeus - Founder and Chief Technology Officer Elonroad  





Round table panel II

Talents, competences and skills for competitiveness

What are the needs of industries and businesses for building a competitive Europe in terms of talents and skills? What are the needs for new technology developments related to energy resource developments, AI, deep tech, security etc ? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the European educational systems? How can we increase the talent pool by re-skilling and up-skilling our workforce ? What measurements are needed for an adequate educational training and an intensified co-operation between academia and the industry? How can we advance integration and retention based on the Swedish-French social values ?

Moderator: Linda Nyberg


Thierry Coulhon - Acting Chairman of the Board, Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Sara Wallin - CEO Chalmers Ventures

Pär Olsson - Head of the Physics Department at KTH Royal Institute of Technology



Round table panel III

Resilience for an industrial sustainable transformation

European executives are facing a challenging environment. A complex geopolitical situation, the Hamas -Israel conflict, the enduring challenges associated with the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and a rising inflation are strongly impacting Europe. Significant government investments to foster innovation and growth, such as the US Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and other non-European countries investments in green manufacturing are challenging the competitive position of our continent. How should a resilient European industrial strategy for a green transformation be conducted (innovation, infrastructure investments, reindustrialization, regulatory adaptation and harmonisation, state aid framework, critical raw materials ….)

Moderator: Linda Nyberg


Jörgen Sjöstedt - Senior Vice President, Europe South & West Volvo Trucks

Mats Gunnarsson - Executive Vice President and Head of Commercial Operations at Scania

Jean-Jérôme Semat - Managing Director Alfa Laval France & NWA

Christian Leon - Head of Ericsson France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Algeria & Tunisia and Head of Global Customer Unit Orange at Ericsson

Sandro Baldi - Commercial Director - NUWARD – EDF



Closing remarks by HE Etienne de Gonneville, Ambassador of France to Sweden



End of conference



Le 4 décembre 2023 de 14:00 à 17:45


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Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France