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Local Integrated Home Renovation Services: how to make them viable?

La Tricoterie
Energy Cities


Local Integrated Home Renovation Services (IHRS) are a powerful solution to Europe's housing renovation challenge. They make ambitious energy renovation simpler for homeowners and bring public authorities closer to the achievement of their climate objectives. 

Popping up all around Europe for more than 10 years, their achievements prove they are useful. But their business models remain fragile because they depend to a large extent on the interest of homeowners and the support of public authorities.

"How to make local Integrated Home Renovation Services" viable on a long-run?"

This is the key question we will strive to answer in this collaborative workshop bringing together majority of the existing IHRS.

This event is organised by Energy Cities, with the support of Energies Demain and GNE Finance in the framework of the European Horizon 2020 project ORFEE, and in cooperation with the following organisations and projects:

  • Region Piemonte and Ekubirojs representing EUROPA project
  • Wuppertal Institute representing ProRetro project
  • Basque Region representing Opengela project
  • Fundacio Europace representing GiDomus
  • City of Padova and Climate Alliance representing Padovafit Expanded!
  • Huygen Ingenieurs & Adviseurs B.V, International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) and ICLEI representing Save the Homes project
  • City of Vienna representing RenoBooster project
  • Toulouse Métropole and Center for Energy, Construction, Architecture and the Environment (ZEBAU) representing I-Heroes project


29 Sep 2022, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


La Tricoterie, Rue Théodore Verhaegen 158, 1060, Saint-Gilles Belgium


Energy Cities