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Lost in Frenchlation x Women of Paris Liberté, Egalité, Marché Tour

Outside Café Charlette
Lost in Frenchlation


Join your guide Heidi, founder of Women of Paris, for this experience where you'll be taken on a 2 hour walk into one of Paris' oldest food market, followed by drinks and a screening of "La Nuit du 12" with English subtitles.

On the 5th October 1789, a number of hungry and frustrated market women from the Faubourg Saint Antoine in the east of Paris began to protest. Armed with pikes, bread knives and a few cannons they trudged for miles in the rain, eventually storming the royal palace of Versailles. Their mission? Getting their hands on some much needed bread and the arrest of the royal family! This was to be one of the earliest victories of a ten year long struggle for liberty, equality and a new France.
The tour will take place at the Marché d’Aligre in the Faubourg Saint Antoine, one of Paris’ oldest food markets where we'll discuss the women of the market; past and present. We will enjoy both sweet and savoury tastings at three different addresses in and around the market and get a chance to meet the women who run them. Along the way we’ll also learn about the women’s march to Versailles and the important role that women played in the French Revolution... Tastings at guests' own expense.
After this walk, if you would like to attend Lost in Frenchlation international screening of "La Nuit du 12", you will arrive at Luminor cinema at 7:30pm. ☞ You can purchase tickets directly here :

Please not that the tickets for the movie ARE NOT INCLUDED in the tickets for the tour, and must be purchased separately.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Women of Paris The first Paris walking tour devoted entirely to women's history and influence.

Lost in Frenchlation's mission is simple – we want to bring world-renown French cinema to the international community in Paris by showing French films with English subtitles, and we want to be a hub for the international community to get to know each other as well as native Parisians.


13 avril 2023 17:00 à 19:30


Outside Café Charlette, 11 rue d'Aligre, 75012, Paris France


Lost in Frenchlation