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Exploring and assessing the societal impacts of culture

MESOC final event

Relais Culture Europe


This event will take place in Paris, at Césure, and will also be streamed live on our social networks. Join us on site or online! 

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Culture stands at the very center of Europe's long and complicated history. Across different eras and places, this has included the role that culture can play as a driver of public policy for social and political cohesion and inclusion. Right now, the potential is ripe to significantly enhance the role of European culture to improve lives and advance society, as outlined by the New European Agenda for Culture and emphasized by a number of recent initiatives such as Horizon Europe Cluster 2 and the newest thematic KIC - Knowledge and Innovation Community.


The strength and diversity of European culture is currently emerging as a main asset, not only to reinforce the EU welfare model in a challenging world, but the Union's geo-strategic positioning.


MESOC's research has sought to develop innovative methodologies to capture and measure the wider societal value of culture that includes, but is not limited to its economic impact. It also encompasses personal health and well-being, urban renovation and regeneration and people's engagement and participation.


MESOC provides improved cultural value measurements, including by the use of AI, and case studies in support of effective and inclusive policies and institutional frameworks which offer a convincing vision for citizens to face current cultural and societal transformations. Furthermore, the project uses hundreds of academic and grey literature documents, delved into dozens of city case studies, and interviewed scores of experts and stakeholders. We have also invested in the technological development needed to exploit the knowledge and resources, building toolkits for a new vision to develop policies oriented to the cultural and creative sectors.


At the final conference of MESOC on March 9 and 10, we want to consolidate an existing community of practice committed to maximizing the creative transformation of society. This conference will also feature the co-construction of the Paris Declaration to work with stakeholders to lay down the conceptual and operational principles of this community of practice.




9 Mar 2023, 9 a.m. to 10 Mar 2023, 5 p.m.


Césure, 13 Rue Santeuil, 75005, Paris France