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Montsouris Park

Parc Montsouris
Les chemins de l'Art


"The Montsouris park along with the Buttes Chaumont are the two widest green public gardens of Paris. Planned as part of the environmental scheme of Haussmann in the 1850´s, they were created on the site of former outdoor stone quarries.

And so the Parc Montsouris was born, and developed to resemble those across the Channel in London with a lake, big trees, and stone and bronze sculptures.


To continue on this leisurely walk, there are also many alleyways around which cobbled roads add a special charm to art deco and art nouveau architecture. The greenery of the place creates an atmosphere which makes us feel like the road is an extension of the park itself.

Some of the beautiful houses were built for famous artists such as Braque, Foujita or Derain. Some villas were also used for experimenting with new art déco techniques and materials."

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  • Bring your earpiece if you have one! :-) 

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Le 8 juin 2023 de 10:00 à 11:30


Parc Montsouris, 2 rue Gazan, 75014, Paris France


Les chemins de l'Art