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My demo event

Feb. 25, 2024, 2 p.m.
to Feb. 25, 2030, midnight
Weezevent Canada, H2P 2H2, Montréal Canada
Weezevent Marketing CA


Distribute tickets for your event with Weezevent

Through this demo ticketing system, discover the features offered by Weezevent's free mini-sites.

With Weezevent ticketing, you can: 

  • Sell tickets or distribute invitations to your event
  • Customise your sales module with your colors
  • Create as many pricing categories as necessary
  • Set up discount coupons or freebies
  • Offer additional sales
  • Scan distributed tickets with our mobile app, your browser, a paper list, or our professional terminals

A modern design, optimised for mobile

We designed the event mini-sites to meet your participants' expectations with a layout that offers optimal mobile display.
Moreover, a “Tickets” button is always visible so that visitors can take action at any time.

Simply add your content

Customise the order of the different content blocks on your page:

  • customisable free text,
  • an image or an image carousel,
  • a video,
  • documents to download.

Also add blocks of practical and supplementary information:

  • integration into the participant's calendar,
  • an interactive map of your event location,
  • contact information,
  • your social networks.

Customise your mini-site by adding photos


Weezevent Canada, 8506 Rue Saint-Denis, H2P 2H2, Montréal Canada