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PEAU - Dîner exploratoire

Le 15 septembre 2023 de 19:00 à 23:00
HiFlow - Plan-les-Ouates , 1228, Plan-les-Ouates Suisse




A dinner that explores the power of skin. Our skin is our shield and protects us, in food, skin has a similarly important role. Imagine peas without their pod, an orange without its peel, and an egg without its shell. Nature has designed perfect packaging for its products, most of them are even edible and have incredible aromas and flavours, not to mention nutritional values. On the other hand, in cooking, skins add unmissable textures. Imagine a pie without a crunchy crust, a magnum ice cream without its cracking chocolate layer, or a sausage without its grilled-to-perfection casing.

From protection to flavour, from preservation to texture, this diner will be an eye-opening, mouth-watering feast. The dishes are imagined by food futurist and designer, Carolien Niebling and creative chef Alicia Rico, from Hi.Café and co-founder of Delizia. We value creating an  experience full of surprises, with seasonal, uncommon ingredients, exciting preparations and minimized waste through creativity. 


Le 15 septembre 2023 de 19:00 à 23:00


HiFlow - Plan-les-Ouates , 36 A chemin du Champ-des-filles (2ème étage), 1228, Plan-les-Ouates Suisse