Resilience and wellbeing for parents programme (Gr. 7) EN

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Association of Positive Psychology Luxembourg asbl


Resilience and wellbeing for parents is a 15hrs program in 5 meetings (each of 3h) designed and delivered by PPL asbl as a subsidized program by the Oeuvre National Grand Duchesse Charlotte. 


The program explores themes important for our wellbeing and resilience covering the most important needs like relationships, meaning, flexibility, communication through subjects coming out of research and applications of positive psychology: positive emotions, strengths of character, PERMA, psychological safety, taking care of the body and the mind etc. 


In total the program will be delivered to ten groups. The dates for this group (10-15 people) will be:

2; 16; 30 March;

27 April;

11 May 2022,

Wednesdays, fbetween 17h30- 20h30. In order to fully benefit from the program, participants should participate at least 75% of the program. This registration is valid for all the above dates, please block them in your agenda.


The advantages for the participants will be as follow:


- Explore themes related to resilience and well-being in a 15 hours free of charge practical and interactive program;


- Meet and interact with like-minded parents in a “learn & play” environment ensured by our facilitators;


- Learn from our expert facilitators;


- Take small actions every week that will improve your resilience and wellbeing and that of your family; 


- Possibility to opt for a follow up training and become facilitator of the programme and in this way form your own group of parents in your community to contribute to their resilience and wellbeing and that of the society at large. 


How it will work: 


- The program will be delivered online in 5 sessions of 3h each on the following dates: 2; 16 & 30 March; 27 April and 11 May 2022, Wednesdays, between 17h30- 20h30.

Languages: English. 


- Group of 10, max. 15 persons


- Access to online resources and a community of parents.



The facilitator for this group will be Suzanne Karsai.

Suzanne Karsai is a mediator, lawyer and relationship coach. Suzanne is one of the founders of PPL asbl and active since the beginning. She was trained by the Foundation ”The World is Better With You” in 2016 to animate and deliver Happiness programs based on positive psychology. Convinced of the life-changing benefits of PP interventions, she has led numerous groups both in Hungary and in Luxembourg. You can find more details about Suzanne's background and experience on



More details about the program here:





2 Mar 2022, 5:30 p.m. to 11 May 2022, 8:30 p.m.




Association of Positive Psychology Luxembourg asbl