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Beat Escape - Leëf - Moaad & Daura

Espace SAT
Société des arts technologiques


Hailing from Montreal, Canada, The Beat Escape is a duo formed by multi-talented artists Addy Weitzman and Patrick A. Boivin (of Dawn to Dawn); two musicians united by their common love for new-wavey electronics, catchy hooks and hypnotic pop melodies. After two EPs released via the label Bella Union, the pair delivered their latest album titled 'Shadows of Ecstasy'. The story of Shadows of Ecstasy ended before it began, after losing a completed album to a tech-glitch . However, they saw an opportunity for rebirth and rebuilt the LP from scratch, resulting in this set of eight pieces of synth-pop, almost ambient - sometimes contemplative, sometimes rhythmic, always deep and sophisticated - resounding in the form of a sweet delight orchestrated by the musicians. 
RE:UNION invites the Beat Escape for a totally tripped out DJ set. In support of this musical journey, Leef will be leading the night with a lustrous and immersive opening set involving a charismatic understatement of post punk, electro, bass, psychedelic dub, and the sinuous paths of the improvised. RE:UNION residents Moaad & Daura will carry the journey forward in support of the sonic themes of this night's narrative.
Layering piercing eerie synth lines with propelling funky groovers and musical riffs, this performative duo will take you on a cinematic ride. 


Le 26 mai 2023 de 21:00 à 03:00


Espace SAT, Société des arts technologiques - 1201 boul. St-Laurent, H2X 2S6, Montreal Canada


Société des arts technologiques