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Trio de la Plata, TANGO musique et danse

Le 1 juin 2024 de 20:00 à 22:00
Le Baixu, 1080 Bruxe, Bruxelles et périphérie Belgique


Trio de la pLata

Jazz?, tango?, classical?..The three styles together, alive, forever, rebelius, constantly conversing.

The perfect and profound guitar of the argentine living in France Leonardo Sanchez, the irreverent tenor saxophone and piano of the argentine living in Brazil, Blas Rivera and the historic acordeon of the french Marie Francoise Maummy.

Leonardo and Marie both live in France, Blas in Brazil, and have excited audiences throughout the world with an unique, delicate and triumphant music.

Conversing, silencing, improvising and crying they involve us with their music.

Compositions by Astor Piazzolla , Carlos Gardel, J.S.Bach, Tom Jobim and Blas Rivera himself.

Silence ........prepare your hearts ...the show is about to begin.


The music has a doubly charming and sad beauty, through what is heard and what is intricately hidden... .

two beautiful tango dancers show up later, carrying the history of tango...

Therefore these songs that make up this latest project “tRio de la pLata", get under the skin, to the heart and live forever in the mind.

Chema García Martínez (“El Pais, España)

Blas Rivera, sax e piano
Leonardo Sanchez, guitarra
Marie Francoise Maummy, acordeón.
Cecilia Gonzalez e Giovanni Eredia, danza.


Le 1 juin 2024 de 20:00 à 22:00


Le Baixu, 3 rue Picard, Shed 1 , Tour et Taxis, 1080 Bruxe, Bruxelles et périphérie Belgique