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Wonder Paws Puppy School Bray

Sunday 6th February, 10am: 4-week SmartyPup Level 2 Puppy Course

(exclusively for Wonder Paws Puppy Grads 7mon+)

Wonder Paws at Festina Lente
Wonder Paws


This 4-week LEVEL 2 course is a continuation for pups that have completed a Wonder Paws 5-week Puppy course (within the previous 6 months of SmartyPup start date).  It progresses basic obedience skills and helps Teenage Pups learn focus, restore calmness and proof behaviours against distractions during this developmentally challenging period for care-givers.



- Developing and progressing behaviours learned at Level 1

- Introduce new behaviours

- Developing relaxation protocols for busy Teens!

- Prepare your dog for cafe visits and social outings

- Improve Impulse Control around humans and other dogs

- Improving Loose-Lead Walking and proofing against distractions

- Developing Auto-Check-ins to improve LLW and focus

- Developing polite greetings with humans and other dogs

- Lie-on Side (with Duration) for vet examinations



Course Goal: 
- Skill sharpening for owners and developing independent thinking and learning for your puppy 
- Improving mechanics and timing for humans

- Introducing capturing and self-rewarding training


Long Term Lessons:
- Capturing & reinforcing good behaviours: getting your timing on par

- Improving loose-lead technique
- Developing a stronger recall
- Foster creative thinking to avoid problem behaviours and teach new behaviours
- Progress relationship-centred training & strengthening owner-dog bond


6 Feb 2022, 10 a.m. to 27 Feb 2022, 11 a.m.


Wonder Paws at Festina Lente, Old Connaught Avenue, A98F702, Bray, Co Wicklow Ireland


Wonder Paws