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#WANIDA Symposium 2023



Dear partners,

The West African Network of African Centres of Excellence on Infectious Diseases WANIDA will hold its first Symposium from 8-10 March 2023, in Accra, Ghana on the theme:
INFECTIOUS DISEASES IN AN ERA OF GLOBAL CHANGE: Innovative Pan-African Multidisciplinary Efforts to Build Research Capacity in Africa.

The event will be hosted by the West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens - WACCBIP, at the University of Ghana, the coordinating centre of the WANIDA network.

5 main themes will be addressed :

  1. Surveillance and preparation for new pandemics.
  2. Pathogenic basis of diseases and host responses.
  3. Innovative disease prevention strategies and vaccinology.
  4. Neglected tropical diseases.
  5. Strategies for malaria control and elimination.

DAY 1 : The african health challenges
DAY 2 : Pan-african responses  to health crises

DAY 3 : African research network of excellence : addressing health challenges in Africa

This event is a wonderful opportunity to :

  • Bring together a large number of actors in infectious disease research and innovation from several continents !
  • Discover the Excellent Reseach being carried out by WANIDA partners and projects and their contribution for collaborative research, training and capacity building on infectious diseases in West Africa.
  • Showcase your research to your peers, network and gain fruitful partnerships in the sub-Saharan region, Africa and with international partners.Mais aussi
  • But also a 3 Minutes Thesis Competition, and a Poster Session to discover all the Centres and projects of the WANIDA network !

The WANIDA research network, which brings together all the actors of research excellence in West Africa, seeks to promote greater cooperation between institutions to conduct high quality research and training excellence, focusing on the etiology of febrile diseases in West Africa, and developing mechanisms to share research resources and technical expertise. Discover all our activities on

Looking forward to welcoming you, please register before february 28th, 2023 ! REGISTRATION REQUIRED : Choose ONLY ONE type of ticket according to your participation !

WANIDA Symposium Team

Olivia KOUPAKI - WANIDA Network Coordinator

Zeinab Mathy CISSE - Event Coordinator


REGISTRATION REQUIRED : Choose ONLY ONE type of ticket according to your participation.




8 Mar 2023, 9 a.m. to 10 Mar 2023, 6 p.m.



WACCBIP , WACCBIP Ghana University, Accra Ghana