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Web technologies for applications : workshop

Cyclone, le studio
Systematic Paris-Region


We invite you to this unique event looking at the intersection of web innovation, emerging standards for light app technologies, and mobile devices.

This morning event, endorsed by the W3C (developers of global web standards), Systematic Paris- Region (the largest innovation pole in France), and OW2 (Europe’s historic open source foundation) will provide insight into web technology trends, foster discussion.

It will give you a rare opportunity to speak with renowned web experts not just from W3C, but also from companies such as Startin'blox and Huawei.

Space is limited.

Agenda :

08h30 – Welcome coffee

09h15 – Welcome introduction

  • Christian Paterson – Founder and CEO ,Open Up [Biography]

09h30 – Keynote : Landscape of Web Technologies for Apps

  • Dominique Hazaël-Massieux – Head of DevRel ,W3C [Biography]

10h00 – Talk : W3C MiniApp Ecosystem

  • Martin Alvarez-Espinar – Head of Web Standards ,Huawei [Biography]

10h30 – Talk : Using Solid to build a data protecting MiniApp ecosystem

  • Alex Bourlier – Co-founder, Startin’blox [Biography]

11h00 – Break

11h30 – Talk : Emerging Web Technologies: Standards or Open Source?”

  • Simon Phipps – Standards & Policy Director, OSI [Biography]

12h00 – Talk : How can WebXR help you run your own metaverse right there from the browser

  • Fabien Benetou – prototypist, consultant in WebXR for the European Parliament innovation team

12h30 – Talk : WebRTC extravaganza – Standard browser to browser instant communication

  • Romain Vailleux, Partnership & Ecosystem Manager, Apizee [Biography]

13h00 Lunch & networking

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Le 13 juin 2023 de 08:30 à 14:30


Cyclone, le studio, 16-18 Rue Vulpian, 75013, Paris France


Systematic Paris-Region
2 boulevard Thomas Gobert
91127, Palaiseau