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Let’s connect to support and
grow our intentions to transform the world around us.

Our heroes, Arie de Geus and Alain de Vulpian, are still guiding us. How their messages are present on the field of Education and Life? In presence of Peter Senge.


The place

One hundred participants will meet at Forum 104, located in the center of Paris, in a room opening into a beautiful garden. Our conversation will include several hundred people from around the world connected remotely.

The intention

In the presence of Peter Senge, the author of The Fifth Discipline Education Book, and the inspiration of remarkable innovations in education, let's go in search of the relevance today of the messages of Alain de Vulpian and Arie de Geus (1). 


With the support of



What words, methods and messages have they conveyed to us? What are the signs of their presence in our society today? How can each of us be present in these movements of metamorphosis for a living and shared world? What learning forward can we gain, amplify and apply across our networks of education innovators in all parts of society? 


Let us enter into a dance between I and We. Let's connect to support and grow our intentions to transform the world around us. 


The future possibility that education holds in our emerging world will be our main focus. When considered deeply, this imperative to re-invent how we learn, individually and collectively, binds all our institutions, from schools to companies, governmental or private organizations.  But there is a reason to focus on education, especially primary and secondary education but also in the universities.  Deep problems require long term solutions.  Children of today will be tomorrow the engineers, businesspeople, government officials, parents and leaders in the adaptation to the high ecological, environmental, political and social critical issues of the XXIst century.  

While Education for Living System touches every aspect/sector of our lives, business and government being the most powerful institutions, education is the only mainstream institution with a 50-75 year time horizon.  Rather than seeing school as an institution of the state doomed to simply preserve the status quo, what can we learn from education innovators?  Where are they? Who are the pioneer organizations? What might we learn if we really listen to the children and young people at the center of these changes - after all, they are far more tied to the future than adults ever can be. What are the present educational responses to today’s unprecedented challenges, from COVID to climate change and inequity? Our vision is to get inspired by the initiatives of remarkable people and teams and to become more connected to and supportive of them after the meeting.

Who is meeting?

We invite people who are engaged in innovating Education for Life to join, share experience, learn and connect: educators, students, teams and leaders of change, facilitators and coaches, social entrepreneurs, living companies executives. 


The hosts are Irène Dupoux-Couturier for Happymorphose and Etienne Collignon for The Learning Person. Happymorphose is an association which aims to link organizations working for the emergence of a living and complex society making its way to a humanist metamorphosis. The Learning Person is an organization that creates and disseminates learning methods for a sustainable world. 



Our exploration

We will address several strong concepts and methods that we have received from Alain de Vulpian and Arie de Geus; what is the meaning of words like “weak signals, scenarios, learning together, socio-perceptive leaders, the living society, the leadership of ordinary men and women, and humanist metamorphosis? Why and how these humanist processes focusing on the future are efficient and successful?


Then, participants will be organized around “learning journeys.” Everyone will be invited to observe the presence and strength of these concepts and methods in practice - by traveling remotely to remarkable organizations that are active in Education for a Living System in a variety of places around the world. These hosts may be schools, educators who work with young people beyond school, an association, or a social entrepreneurs programme; they have in common fostering a systems perspective, compassion and deeper human development, doing this in action in diverse and challenging circumstances, and a strong desire to share and connect with others. These hosts are willing to put their organization at the heart of the discussions, and to welcome other people from all over the world in shared reflection on their experiences. Back in the plenary session, participants will co-elaborate new steps for action.



Provisional Programme
Full Day on April 8, 2022

Facilitated by Sean Lafleur, Ludmila Kostandova, Agnès Cabannes, Anne Damoiseaux, Antoine Béland.

09:00 - 13:00

Meaning and expectations

Welcome and meaning.


The Arie de Geus and Alain de Vulpian 7 pillars messages, presented by Irène Dupoux-Couturier and Etienne Collignon:

- Socioperception. Living society. Memory of the future..

- Role of ordinary people. Scenarios

- Learning by accommodation.  Common good.


Discovering 3 pillars: 

- Socioperception,  Irène Dupoux-Couturier,

- Living society, Göran Carstedt and Guus Geisen,

- Memory of the future,  Göran Carstedt.


Learning together with Arie and Alain: Peter Senge’s experience and testimony.


Learning journeys to Asia, Europe. 1h30 mn.  In parallel:

  1. 1 - Asia. With online participants. Including:

    1A- Empathy School, Bali, Indonesia, presented by Eric Gonzalez Payne. Facilitated by Romina Kamhi.

    1B - British School Jakarta, Indonesia, presented by David Butcher, principal.

     1C - Dulwich College, Singapore, presented byJacob Martin, Deputy Head of College.

    1D - Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL), Bangkok, Thailand, presented by Surat Than and Ittichai Rat.

    2 - Catalyst Education Lab, Hongkong, presented by Angele Law. Facilitated by Thibault Servenière. With online participants.

    3 - YouthXYouth, Lagos, Nigeria, presented by Erioluwa Adeyinka et Olatomiwa. Facilitated by Maxime Caron. With online participants.

    4 - Université Catholique de Lille, Ecole du numérique presented by Nicolas Gouvy, Academic leader. Facilitated by Anne De Beer. With online participants.

    5 - India: Self-Designed Learning Systems: Shikshantar Andolan and Swaraj University presented by Founder Manish Jain, Project DEFY presented by Co-Founder Abhiji Sinha and The Dharavi Dream Project presented by Dolly Rateshwar. Facilitated by Abhay Gandhi and Mahima Jain. With Paris participants.

    6 - Master's in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS), Karlskrona, Sweden, presented by early contributor Göran Carstedt,  program director Merlina Missimer and students  Carolina Obara and Kadija Elalami. Facilitated by Mélanie Studer. With Paris participants.

    7 - Woodleigh School and Institute, Australia, presented by Richard Owens and Jodie Kirchner. Facilitated by Valérie Normand. With Paris participants.



What is emerging from the learning journeys?
Sharing reflections with Peter Senge.

13:00 - 14:00

Informal conversations

Informal conversations in small groups, in zoom rooms or in presence. And reflections on Alain and Arie’s pillars.

14:00 – 20:00



2 more pillars explained: 

  • Role of ordinary people, Etienne Collignon.

  • Scenarios, Antonio Linares.


15:00 CET - Learning journeys to  Canada, USA, South America. Europe.  1h30 mn.  In parallel:

11 - Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada. Presented by Jovo Bikic, Wayne Chow, Kristi Blakeway. Facilitated by Jehan Laliberté. With online participants.

12 - Los Angeles Expanded Learning, California, USA, presented by Michelle R. Perrenoud, Tommy E. Brewer II, and Regino Chávez. With online participants.

13 - Universidad del Medio Ambiente (UMA), Mexico, presented by founder Victoria Haro. Facilitated by Mathilde Tassain. With online participants.

14 - Via Educacion, Mexico, presented by co-founder and current Executive Director Armando Estrada. Facilitated by Annick Davignon. With online participants.

15 - Young Warrior training, Nepal and Netherlands, presented by founder Guus Geisen. Facilitated by Eric Domon. With online participants.

16- Delta school district, British Columbia, Canada, presented by Brooke Moore. Facilitated by Anne Damoiseaux.With Paris participants.

17 - Port Richmond, Staten Island Borrow of New York, USA, presented by Lorrie Brown, Nieves Jessenia, Sirys Vega-Fernancez. Facilitated by Valérie Marette. With Paris participants.

18 - SOLE Colombia, presented by his founder Sanjay Fernandes. Facilitated by Heather Leachman-Beck. With Paris participants.



What is emerging from the learning journeys?


2 more pillars explained: 

  • Learning by accommodation, Dennis Sandow and Heiki Sparker-Guber.

  • Common Good, Pierre Giorgini.


How can we build better systems and policies for children and youth? Presented by Joanne Schroeder. University of British Columbia, Canada. Dialogue with Peter Senge.


How are we evolving in our ways of learning? Next collective and individual steps.




Attention ! Rencontre entièrement en anglais



8 Apr 2022, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.


FORUM 104, 104 rue de Vaugirard, 75006, PARIS France

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Join us!

Be inspired by contact with many innovators in education from around the world through learning journeys;

Discover how they are transforming their ecosystems by reinventing ways of learning;

Take action with future generations: young people are much more connected to the future than adults can ever be!

Educators, students, teams and leaders of change, facilitators and coaches, social entrepreneurs, executives of living companies and anyone involved in education in the service of life... come and grow in learning!

Presence or distance?

Participants are in presence in Paris or at a distance.

Participants in presence meet at Forum 104, a nice place with garden in the center of Paris.

Participants at a distance will receice a zoom link few days before the event.

I want to visit all the extraordinary education places!

True that we'll have so many testimonies from all around the world adn it is impossible to visit all of them. Visits are organized in parallel. Participants will get the recordings after gthe meeting.

We offer a very nice price when people need it

Do you want to participate but cannot pay the announced price ? Present yourself with a message to, and we'll do our best.

Who are our heroes Alain de Vulpian and Arie de Geus?

Alain de Vulpian (1929-2020), a french sociologist, had the intuition of the evolution of Homo sapiens towards what he named « the humanist metamorphosis ». Author of “A l’écoute des gens ordinaires“ (2004) and “Eloge de la métamorphose. En marche vers une nouvelle humanité” (2016). In English “towards the third modernity, how ordinary people are transforming the world (2005) and “Homo Sapiens, collapse of fulfillment” 2019.

Arie de Geus (1930-2019), Corporate Planning Director in charge of business and scenario planning at Royal Dutch Shell, author of "The Living Company: Habits for Survival in a Turbulent Business Environment" (1997).

Peter Senge in presence in Paris

Peter Senge has been at the forefront of organizational learning since publishing his classic text The Fifth Discipline in 1990, which provided theories and methods to foster aspiration, develop reflective conversation, and understand complexity in service of shaping learning-oriented organization cultures.

Throughout his career, Peter has been asking, “how do we create the conditions for people to work together at their best, cultivating the innate systems intelligence that is our birthright but is all but lost in modern culture?”  As an engineer by training, his work has always emphasized tools and methods, not for their own sake but as vehicles for building individual and collective capacities. 

Starting with the creation of SoL (the Society of Organizational Learning) in 1997, he has focused on developing learning communities within and especially among organizations, as a way to bring about deep change that individual organizations are unable to achieve working alone.  This resulted in the SoL Sustainability Consortium in 1998, pioneer businesses who saw social and ecological imbalances shaping the future, the Sustainable Food Lab in 2002, many of the world’s largest food companies and NGOs working together to make sustainable agriculture the mainstream system, and numerous learning communities in primary and secondary education, leading up to the present global Compassionate Systems community.

Our sponsors

The project is supported by the Université Catholique de Lille. From its very beginnings in 1875, what is now France’s largest private, not-for-profit university has distinguished itself within the fields of higher education, research, and health, through its commitment to mutual care as a central value.

Sol France is also supporting the event. For more than 20 years, SoL France has been working in the field of organizational learning. Through its research and its actions, it cultivates the energy to learn and act together, at the service of people and organizations, committed to sustainable and conscious development.

FlowerChange, a network of entrepreneurial coaches founded by Sean Lafleur, helps people and organisations flourish to enrich their ecosystems.

Join at any moment during the conference

We welcome people joining online at any point in the day for a section due to their time zones.

Documentation on event

Registered participants will have access on a google drive folder to very large documentation on education systems before and after the event. Also, plenaries and all "learning journeys" to education places will be recorded and available after the event.